Yehey!  They're finally printed.  The biggest cost to us here is probably the printer ink - because we had to go far and wide to actually find a store that actually still carries cartridges for my printer of more than 6 years (or more, even).  That actually set us back a week.

Well now they're finally done!  Ingredients:
  - for inspiration
  - Epson Stylus Photo 830
  - Ivory board paper 80gsm c/o National Bookstore
  - Coin pockets c/o National Bookstore
  - Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  - Patience
  - Fonts from /
  - A whole lot of patience and LOVE!

We're off to distribute them in the coming week, while waiting for our formal invitations.  Which reminds me, I need to follow-up on the proof...
4/2/2012 01:54:10 pm

Can see your blog I very happy! Thanks for your sharing, I wish you a happy life!


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