this is actually it.

Sometimes I still have to slap myself and get used to the fact that I'm already engaged.  Sometimes the sparkly ring still surprises me.  This wedsite is an outlet of stress and information.  Updates and all that about the planning and progress of the wedding.  Ooh, that word still feels funny.

Read along, enjoy :)  Mwah!

*thanks to F, Jolo & Chris for the photos (LHC Forever!)

For updates, thoughts & ramblings: The Blog.  If you're wondering how the ring got on my finger and how long that process actually took: The Proposal.  If you want to know about the motif, color palette, and pegs: The Theme

I added a page called Inspiration Links to help those still planning and deciding on their big theme.  These sites helped me a lot and they're loads of fun to visit again and again.

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