It's getting scary-close.  We've closed on our OTD coordinator already.  She's Chips' friend from fencing.  I'm glad to have someone that at least one of us already knows and trusts.  I probably would find it hard to entrust like, the biggest day of my life on some stranger.

Over the weekend, we got the proof for our invitations.  Some editing and font-enlarging, and today I sent the final files for mass production.  I totally love how the paper texture absorbs the ink.  I was actually quite scared for a moment that my font color (a kind of mustard yellow) wouldn't show nicely.  But it was just perfect.  Can't wait to have the final ones, with the translucent envelopes.  It should look great.  I squee.

We also got to visit one of our ninangs, who will also be the one designing and making our wedding bands.  Chips, being the simple bare-bones guy that he is, refuses to have ANYTHING on his ring.  No design, no diamond.  Save for my name which will be engraved inside the ring.  It's kind of sweet, actually.

We also got to buy a bed for his house.  Since the condo won't be ready until February next year, we'll be staying over at his place first.  But get this, we actually went bed-shopping with my parents.  Because they wanted to also stop by Jollibee to redeem their credit card rewards.  Talk about awkward.  But dad was really helpful too - giving insights about the correct bed frame and all those technical stuff about different kinds of wood.  It was fun.  And we had chicken joy after, which was super delicious.

Other things for this month?  Finalizing the list for the bridal registry.  Securing the marriage license.  Third fitting for my gown.  Pestering entourage people to get themselves fitted and measured.

That's it for now guys!  Spread the love. 

3/23/2011 11:32:34 am

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