Things are slowly falling into place.  The wedding is next week.  I'm typing this blog with my hair styled into a loose, romantic updo and my face dolled up in a somewhat smokey eye kind of drama.  It's weird for me to look at my reflection and actually not see eyebags.  Yup, I just had my trial HMU with Cathy Cantada.  Brilliant job.  What did my dad say about it?  He said that he might cry because I look like my mom when they got married.  Is that bawl-worthy or what.  I sure hope the liner Cathy used is tear-proof.  I cry like a baby at even the slightest twang of sentiment.

More and more, I find it hard to sleep at night.  Besides wondering who and what on earth I could've forgotten, I wonder about what would happen after the wedding.  Like, how different will we be?  After almost 9 years of being together, how much will we change?  It's not me having second thoughts, it's just me wondering.  It's the right thing.  But it's me scared of what can go wrong.  I guess it comes with the territory, this wondering.

During the first months of this engagement, I felt such a rush with the preps.  So much excitement booking the suppliers, making the rounds, evaluating possible vendors.  Now I'm just plain excited about getting married.  It's something Chips told me months ago -- that the important thing is that we're getting married.  I guess I was too much of that typical bride to listen.  Now it's like, come on let's get it on.  Let's do this!  I can't wait!  The important thing is that we end up together like we've always wanted, and we have our family and friends to see it happen.

Sometimes we think too much.  And we make everything too much.  But the simple truth is, we can't wait to spend the rest of our life with the love of our life.  That in itself is special.

Happy holidays everyone.  Spread the love.  Mwahs!
3/23/2011 11:32:57 am

This is a great post and thank you for sharing this nice experience,and hope you can give another posts as soon as possible.

5/3/2012 12:54:51 pm

The life of people, always has to avoid ups. Not always such as sun dongsheng, also won't always was painful. Repeated a float a heavy, to a person, it is tested. Therefore, float on it, and don't have to pride; Under the sink in, don't need more pessimistic. Must be blunt, modest attitude, optimistic and enterprising, forward.


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