I got this idea from Oncewed.com where one of their featured weddings distributed paper bags with the loose petals towards the end of the church ceremony.  I guess anything is better than the guests trying to hold as many petals as they could on curled palms during the recession.  It's also a more organized / less messy way of distributing them.  Not to mention, cute!

Anyways, I also designed a seal that I'll just have printed on sticker paper.  One of the w@w bride-to-be's mentioned that they had some labels printed in Megamall... so that's probably where I'll get these done.  So there.  Tada!  I'm just too happy flexing my Adobe muscles.

On a side note, we'll be in Subic this coming weekend.  So that's two days out of the preps calendar.  Chips will be running the full marathon (that's 42 kilometers, aka 4++ consecutive hours of running).  I'm going to be there for moral support (waiting at the finish line).  Wish us luck!
10/19/2009 09:59:02 pm

wow! 42 kms! good luck to chips, and to you, waiting at the finish line! :)

9/13/2010 12:02:56 pm

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8/21/2012 11:38:10 am

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