The weather's getting colder and the wedding's getting freakinishly nearer.  Time to scream!  The weekends are non-existent.  My eyebags are getting the better of me.  We've been running around trying to complete everything and so far here's what we've got:

- Wedding rings done!  We just got them over the weekend.  Lovely lovely.  Chips will need to get used to wearing jewelry.  We've got skinny but bony fingers, so there may be some difficulty in getting the rings worn during the actual ceremony.  Fair warning to those who will be watching us. 

- Already bought the gifts for the Principal Sponsors.  Yehey!  That's finally done and over with. 

- Coordinators have also gone on oculars at the Church and at The Peninsula.  We've also turned over our supplier contacts already.  Just a few kinks remaining, but other than that, we're fine.

- Calligraphy personally done by moi - on 180 invitations.  I haven't done calligraphy since high school.  Feels great to be doing it again.  Chips says I could make a career out of it.  Invitations have been sent out and some RSVP's have been logged.  We've got more invites to send out, just waiting for the extra envelopes we ordered.


Now yammering on the other things left to do:  I'm currently working on the guestbook.  Laying out the photos from the prenup and stuff.  Chips is also laying out photos for the Lomowall, which will be the backdrop for our photobooth.  Which reminds me, our supplier has yet to email me their proposed design for the print-outs.  Hmmm... what else?  Oh yeah, need to check the misalette because we just copied off from some past wedding.  I haven't even read through it yet.  Fitting for gowns and suits are supposed to be this week.  I really hope they turn out well.  Especially Chips' suit.  I'm going to die if it doesn't.  Okay that's it.  Enough yammering on a Monday morning.

Cheers!  Spread the love.
Faye Cuenca
12/8/2009 05:32:57 pm

Hi Fozzy. The calligraphy looks nice :) well done. Just dropping by to say hi and best wishes on your wedding day!


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