I'm pretty much done with the motif planning (well, the OC artist in me actually had it done even before Chips proposed).  But since I'm such a slave for the world-wide web, I continue to love browsing for inspiration.  I don't know if I just want to punish myself for "why didn't I think of that" thoughts or "maybe I should've" regrets.  Anyways,  I stumbled upon The Perfect Palette.  It is an absolutely gorgeous site with a collection of theme and color combination suggestions.  Totally brilliant.

To those who are still looking for the perfect hue - check out Colour Lovers.  You can search a vast database of colors and their various tones.  The great thing about it is, you can take note of the RGB code and give it to your printer or invitation designer.  That way, you'd have consistent colors all around your paperie.  Beats all the printing and guessing.

Now isn't that lovely?  Happy preps!

let⋅ter⋅press/ˈlɛtərˌprɛs/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [let-er-pres] –noun 1. the process of printing from letters or type in relief, rather than from intaglio plates or planographically.

Following this obsession with typography, surfing through wLT (We Love Typography) brought me back to browsing paperie.  Specifically, letterpress invitations.  I don't know how I could've overlooked it while we were preparing for our wedding.  Maybe my mind automatically closed its doors to it, knowing how expensive it would be (both in terms of time and money).

Anyways, just wanted to share the brilliant letterpress work of Dolce Press.  They range from the minimalist to the ornate.  But even the simplest typeface is touched with a level of class and elegance.  There's something about the detail and the effort that goes into the paper - I don't think it can be compared with any intricate digital design.  It's possibly the same way I feel about film.  Hehe.


I came across these two designers via this brilliant fashion site, Not Couture.  If I could actually afford multiple changes during my wedding, you know like what they do in award shows.  Or really rich-people weddings.  One big OH WELL.  Let's just swoon at their beautiful designs.

Kate Towers.  She's a designer based in Portland who has a background in fine arts and design, having studied at the New England School of Art and Design in Boston.  Her pieces are one of a kind and truly works of art, taking inspiration from nature and romance.  I absolutely adore the softness her dresses exude, and yet bustling with personality.

Maria Lucia Hohan.  She is a Romanian designer who started her line in 2003 with her creations being constantly featured in local editions of Elle, Cosmopolitan and Glamour for the next 3 years.  It was in 2006 when she decided to go international by showing her pieces in Paris where her collection garnered instant success.  It's becoming quite obvious that I love romantic shapes.  What I love about her dresses would be the contrast of ideals - the femininity silk or chiffon mixed with something as hard as leather or metallic.  She also designs bridal pieces, which can be found in the blog section of her website.


The Hair.  I really do hope that I get to pull off what I'm envisioning.  For the hair I want something relaxed and elegant.  Like a fine Saturday morning kind of hair.  Not the kind where your eyebrows are perpetually raised because your hair is pulled back to taut you feel like you had botox injections.  I'm looking forward to the curls and waves I'll potentially have, which would be a break from the ruler-straightness that I naturally sport.  Ooh romantic, sexy waves with my birdcage veil.  Love it.  Can't wait for it.


The Make-up.  I always attempt to do a smokey-eye on myself, but I always end up looking like got punched.  So on my wedding day, I hope to ease this frustration.  I know it's a day ceremony so I can't go overly dramatic.  I'd be okay with soft,  natural hues.  Need not be too dark.  I just want my eyes to pop out from under the veil.  I sooooooooo want smokey eyes, period!  I think I'm just going to be a brat about it.  Lol.


A sweet and dainty collection from Jenny Packham, for Spring 2009.  The colors are bright but not blindingly vibrant.  And the choice of fabric and shapes do add such a lovely soft, romantic feel.  I think the first gown (top left) would be a perfect peg for brides who want a fresh tangerine-and-green wedding.  The colors could be taken to a rustic country or a zesty orchard / spring garden theme. 

I also love her short dresses!  The colors are so cute.  They remind me of a candy store (or a little flower shop).  Balanced with white or cream, this could be the makings of a confectionery-themed wedding.  You could give away sweets in canvass bags.  And maybe have a cake with swirly lollies on top.  Mmmm.  A sugar rush of romance.

If only you could get married as many times you could think of themes.  Haha.  Okay, Fozzy, don't go changing anything.  You're already a vintage-themed bride.


I was killing time on the internet over the weekend.  I was looking for the "Brighter than Sunshine" video so I could upload it here, but I ended up finding this other song by Aqualung.  I think it would be a good song for a wedding video - whether it be the on-site edit or part of the actual 30-min summary.

Some of his beautiful words:

    Here and now
    seems i'm standing on the edge
    looking down
    i can clearly see your face
    in the crowd
    makes me feel i'm not alone

I'm getting ahead of myself again, I know.  We don't even have a videographer yet.  Moreover, Chips doesn't even know about this song (yet).  I have a habit of setting myself up for disappointment.  Though I do hope that I wouldn't be.


Can I just begin by saying that this is such a lovely show.  My sister and I absolutely adore Heidi Klum and could just kiss the ground she trots on with her beautiful high heels.  Anyways, back to watching the show.  Last night's episode was on a wedding gown challenge.  They were tasked to have a bridal gown as part of their Bryant Park collection and at the last minute, asked to create a bridesmaids dress.  Since the beginning of the season, we really found Lianne's creations so beautiful and feminine.  And her gowns for this episode was not an exception.  Structured and fresh.  Yet soft and romantic.  Super love!  I was so inspired that I went on searching for other wedding stuff that could go with it!  Haha.  Her color palette would make a darling motif.

Mood:  Light garden winds.
Colors:  Cream, powder blue, light beige


Leanne Fowler collection photos thru Nymag.com; inspiration board clockwise from upper left: Chartreuse bloom silk-lined clutch bag by redrubyrose; event decor and flowergirl corsage from Martha Stewart Weddings; engraved river stone favors by SJEngraving; bridal branch necklace by Firsttimecharm; paperie by Milkmaid Press; sage ring pillow by 5eizen; bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings.


    Fozzy will do most of the writing in this blog.  Chips will be contributing some pictures and ideas.  Together, we're awesome (and we've been so for over 8 years)!


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