Omigod it's getting closer and closer!  So many things to do!  That's aside from all the things we need to accomplish for work.  I swear, this is not helping my eyebags.  I will have to rely on a very, very talented make-up artist for that.  I don't think the powers of my eye-refining cream could handle it.

Anyways, just to update you guys, our Canonical interview is done.  We were actually at the church at 8:30am last Wednesday just so we could be first in line and not be too late for work.  I do hope that the priest didn't notice that I was zoning out for a couple of moments.  Well, if he did, good thing he still gave his official blessing.  Wee!

I also had my second fitting of my pin-cushion of a gown.  It's still the lining and it will be a while till I get my 3rd fitting, where we'll see all the lace and stuff.  They finalized the length and Niko decided that he still needs more cushioning around the hip area.  Of all the places, the hips!  I never thought I'd need that.  Anyways, he said it's to help the skirt have shape.  I will leave it up to him as he's the expert.  I'd like for some miracle on the boob area though.  It feels so... umm... hollow inside that gown.  I swear, I feel like a 12-year old child.

Last Saturday, as the typhoon wreaks havoc in the city, we were at the church having our Pre-Cana Seminar.  At some point, the electricity got cut and we had to do it in the dark, with candles and an emergency light.  But all was well and we got our certificate.  No major fighting between the both of us (I don't know about the other couples though).

Okay photo on the second fitting has not vastly improved from a camera-phone level.  I did buy a new phone (wee, another wishlist thing crossed) but then again, it's still a camera phone.  Sorry guys.
I realized that I've been talking too much about myself for like, all of the posts.  Har har.  So I thought that for this entry, I'll tell you about Chips.  Of course, with some mentions about myself.  Because I'm writing.  Lol.

Anyways, Chips is my anti-thesis.  He doesn't really like being a bum.  Though sometimes I tell him that he needs to try it.  He probably won't be able to stand himself if he just sat somewhere doing nothing.  He's actually not the "doing nothing" kind of guy.  On the other hand, I could actually stay in my bed for an entire day.  He calls it unproductive. 

Right now he's really concentrated on running.  We went to the TNF100 in Clark and he ran the 20k on, like, TRAIL.  I wince at the thought (smelly and sticky, ew).  He's been training and he's joining another 21k sometime this month, I think.  Though his before-i-get-married goal is to "do his first mary" - which is a full marathon.  Which is like 42 freakin' kilometers.  Can you imagine that?  Running for 4-5 hours?  Like, what the hell!?!?  Anyways, it gives him this runner's high.  And he's super elated and flying in the clouds after he runs.  So yeah, I'll be his cheerleader.

A lot of people have been trying to talk me into running.  Him included.  For one thing, the shoes are so goddamn expensive.  I'd rather buy boots.  Or use the money to save up for a luxury bag.  Or yeah, just buy boots.  Haha.

So there.  hat's a wee bit about my H2B.  And a whole bit about how different we are.  It's funny how we mesh well nonetheless.  Opposites do attract, I guess.  Otherwise, life would be so boring.

Cheerios!  Spread the love :)
Today, Chips and I took leaves to settle all the certificates we can needed for the wedding.  So church-hopping we went to get the baptism and confirmation papers for purposes of marriage.  There's some kind of wow as we read the "for marriage purposes" thing typed on them.  Wooohooo.  It's like really so happening!

This was also THE day for the first fitting with Niko (now it was just mom and I).  Oh MY it was so wonderful.  It's probably the biggest complacency shake that I've had.  You're getting married, it screams.  I felt so giddy.  It's just the lining, but it's got the basic shape already and the train as well.  Can I just say that mommy was absolutely gleaming at the sight of the "compromise" train.

I'm also getting 4-inch shoes (which Niko really loves).  I'm really going to get yellow shoes too!  Wee.

Anyways, apologize for the absolutely FAILED resolution of my old phone's camera.  Stupid me didn't even bring a camera.  On hindsight, that's really a bad, unflattering angle on the first one photo.  Sheesh.  Camera should not point down.  Anyways, there's me!


    Fozzy will do most of the writing in this blog.  Chips will be contributing some pictures and ideas.  Together, we're awesome (and we've been so for over 8 years)!


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