It was whispering to me saying "purchase, purchase".  Even the paperbag smells good.  I'm getting a high every time I catch sight of it.  I swear, when Chips told me that when we get married I'm getting a complimentary credit card, my eyes lit up like freshly screwed light bulbs.  I'm quite surprised that I'm on this luxury bags phase now.  I just promised to get rid of more stuff from my closet.  Next project, LV Damier 30 in Ebene.  Such glee.

I swear, this phase couldn't have come at a worse time, in the middle of wedding plans and all.  But oh well.  The whifs of luxury, they give such a high.  Like so.

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I truly, truly love film for such lovely surprises.  Hail the magic of double exposure.  These are the lovely photos from Zoe's LC-A (above) and Diana+ (below).

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    Fozzy will do most of the writing in this blog.  Chips will be contributing some pictures and ideas.  Together, we're awesome (and we've been so for over 8 years)!


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